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Application For Electrical Product Approval

1. Introduction

Below are 14 categories of Products that require prior approval before they can be considered for purchase by the Corporation. Once approved, the product will be included in the Approved products List. Turnkey contractors shall use only products in the list for the turnkey projects.

i) Power transformers including OLTC viii) HV & LV Fuses
ii) 11 & 33kV circuit breakers ix) HV insulators
iii) 11 & 33kV Autoreclosers/ sectionalisers x) LV pillars
iv) RMU�s, isolators/ disconnectors xi) Connectors (Ferrules, line taps, cable lugs, parallel groove connectors and etc)
v) HV & LV cables and conductors xii) Lighting and related accessories
vi) Surge Arrestors xiii) Batteries and chargers
vii) Joints & terminations xiv) LV switching devices (cutouts, service intake)
2. Quality and Performance
a. Products offered shall comply with the relevant IEC standards.
b. Products shall also be of high quality and meet the performance stipulated by the Corporation.
3. Application Procedure
The following documents shall be submitted for evaluation of the product approval:
a. Product-technical data/specification:
 Catalogue with introduction of the product completed with full product-technical data and specification shall be submitted.
 Manual on product installation, operation and maintenance instruction shall be submitted, if any.
b. Type test certificates or reports as specified in the relevant standards (IEC/ANSI):
 The type test report for the product shall be in English and test report in foreign language is not acceptable.
 Successfully passed all the type tests as specified in the relevant standards.
 Type test must be conducted by reputable, independent & accredited testing authority. If manufacturer carries out the tests, the tests must be witnessed and certified by third party recognized by the Corporation.
 Type test report on similar items is acceptable if it is a representative of the item seeking approval.
c. Profile of the manufacturer
d. Quality Management System certificate
 Manufacturer�s Quality Management System being certified to ISO9000 by a renowned institution.
e. Sales track record/reference list
 It shall have details of sales history in respect of quantity, user and purchasing country over a significant period.
 If the product has insufficient track record to prove its performance in similar environment, the Corporation may at its discretion reject the application or it may be put on trial user for certain duration before it can be considered to include in the approved product list.

Application for SESCO Internal Wiring Contract
To be an eligible SESCO Internal Wiring Contractor, the following criteria must be met:
• The company must be legally registered.
• The company representative* must be a holder of Certificate of Registration as Electrical Installation Contractor (EIC) (Form O Rule 74) issued by Electrical Inspectorate Unit (EIU).
• The company authorized supervisor must posses competency certificate e.g.. Wireman Grade 1 & 2 issued by EIU.
How to apply to be a SESCO Internal Wiring Contractor:
• Obtain Form CCS/A03.2 from Syarikat SESCO Berhad (Customer Application Services Division).
• Complete the CCS/A03.2 form and submit it along with all the supporting documents to the Electrical Engineer ( Customer Application Service Division) for approval, registration and record keeping.
• The supporting documents (certified true copies) that must be submitted by the applicants are :
i. Photocopies of certificate holder's and the authorized supervisor's identification cards.
ii. Photocopies of certificates : Certificate of Registration as Electrical Installation Contractor, competency certificates, and others such as academic and technical level certificates.
iii. Photocopies of Form 4/49, Trading Licenses, or evidence of ownership, partnership or employee of company.
iv. Passport sized photos of the certificate holder and authorized supervisor.
v. Any other document that may support the application.
Only when the application is approved then the contractor can submit applications of electricity supply (AC/01 form) on consumers' behalf.
* Can be anyone from the company.


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