1. Bulk Billing for Government Departments and Agencies or "Sistem Bayaran Pukal"

The "Pukal" payment system presently is only applicable to Government Departments and Agencies (Federal and State Government). Under this system, all the accounts and billing information for all State and Federal Departments are sent to JAN (Jabatan Akauntan Negara) and State Treasury Department via magnetic media and electronic mail (flat file Transfer). The payment for the Federal and State Departments electricity bill would be made via one single cheque directed to SESCO. At the same time, SESCO will receive payment details via magnetic media and electronic mail, which will then be uploaded to SESCO's SAP system. Payment will be automatically updated without the need to do manual encoding. SESCO will be in the process of extending this bulk billing (Sistem Bayaran Pukal) to the local councils i.e. DBKU, MBKS and MPP.

2. Collective Billing for Large Corporations

Bulk payment or collective billing facility shall be provided to large corporations that have outlets or office branches. Arrangement can be made for a consolidated billing statement to be sent to their respective head offices. Payments shall then be made at any SESCO payment counter and an acknowledgment slip will be issued. Our Acknowledgment Slip will serve as an official receipt for paying bills. Therefore, the receipting of the individual bills will not be required. The criterion for registering under collective billing is a minimum of 10 accounts.

3. Payment Facilities *

3.1 Over-the-counter

3.1.1 By Credit Card (Visa/Master Card)

This service provides consumers the convenience of paying their utility bills via local credit card (VISA/MasterCard) at any SESCO Counter. The limit for this service is RM1,500.00 per bill per account.

3.1.2 By Cash or Cheque Payment at Bank

Apart from performing their normal banking transactions, consumers can conveniently make payment (cash or cheque) for their utility bills at e-collection counters at the following banks - RHB Bank, Public Bank, Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN), Bank Pertanian Malaysia, Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad and EON Bank. With effect from 15 July 2006, Public Bank will cease to collect payment over-the-counter for SESCO Electricity Bills. Payment at SBBS Agencies

Consumers can also make payment for their utility bills at any SBBS Agencies (Sistem Bayaran Bil Setempat) according to their respective counter's operating hours. These agencies are POS Malaysia Bhd, Telekom Malaysia Bhd, Kuching Water Board, SESCO and Local Councils.

3.1.3 Payment via Bank Card

Payment via Bank Cards allows domestic customer to pay their energy bills at SESCO Counters through the debating of their accounts using their Bank Cards. There is no limit imposed on the billed amount.

3.1.4 Mobile Payment

Customer in area as per below can pay via Mobile Payment service provided by Bank Pertanian Malaysia.

Areas with Mobile Payment Service via Bank Pertanian Malaysia

1 KUCHING Bako Bazaar, Buntal, Gedong, Kpg. Bako, Muara Tebas, Santubong, Sematan, Tabakang, Asajaya, Sadong Jaya
2 SRI AMAN Bakong/Stumbin, Banting, Batang Ai (Lubok Antu), Batu Lintang, Debak, Engkilili, Kabong, Lingga, Melugu/Selepng/Ran, Pantu, Roban, Spaoh
3 SARIKEI Belawai, Daro, Kpg Bruit, Matu, Tg. Manis
4 SIBU Balingian, Igan, Oya, Selangau. Skuau, Song, Stapang, Tamin
5 BINTULU Kuala Tatau, Sebauh, Tatau
6 MIRI Bekenu, Ladang 3
7 LIMBANG Bukit Luba, Gadong, RC Kubong, Tadungan

4. Via Telephone *

4.1 MBF Cards - Call 'n Pay

MBF Cards (M'sia) Sdn. Bhd provides this service to allow MBF Card holders to pay electricity bills by calling 082-250333. Customers will need to provide details of the bill's Contract Account Number. The maximum amount customers are allowed to pay is limited to RM 500.00 per bill per account.

4.2 Tele-Banking

Public Bank account holders can also pay their bills through the direct debiting of their accounts via telebanking facility at 082-412999.

5. Direct Debit *

5.1 Bank Standing Instruction

Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) account holders can pay their electricity bill by giving a standing instruction for the direct debiting of their accounts.

5.2 Auto Payment via Master/Visa Cards

Auto Payment will allow domestic customers to pay their energy bills via standing instruction to the relevant banks to deduct the billed amount through the customers' credit card account. This facility is limited to monthly electricity charges of less than RM 1,500.00 per bill per account. Any Visa or Master Card issued by any local bank will be accepted. To apply, just visit any of our Customer Service Counters and remember to bring along your identification card, credit card and any recent electricity bills. Customers are encouraged to sign up for this free service because it is safe and convenient - avoiding long queues at payment counters. An updated monthly electricity bill shall still be sent to the customer's billing address.

6. Payment via Public Bank Automated Teller Machines (ATM) *

Public Bank account holders can also pay their bills through the direct debiting of their accounts via bankcards (or ATM cards) at ATM machines.

7. Internet Payment *

7.1 Website under

Another service provided via is the EBPP (Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment) where SESCo bills can be paid through direct debit if you are a Maybank, RHB or CIMB Bank (formerly known as Bumiputra Commerce Bank Berhad) account holder. Payment can also be done via local Master or Visa credit card through EBPP.

To register you are required to sign-up through the website at and within 2 working days of signing up, the user will received an acknowledgement e-mail containing user's login name and password after the user's account is activated.

7.2 Other Websites

Other websites that allow payment through the Internet are for the account holders of the following:

*For item 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 - For accounts with long outstanding, it is not advisable to pay via these modes of payment. Please pay at our nearest SESCO counters for immediate updating.


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